How to reduce plastic use suggestions

How to Help Reduce Plastic Waste and other Ways to Help the Environment

Cut down on single use plastics –

Don’t use a straw or use a metal straw
Try to use dental floss on a roll not individual flossers
At the grocery store bring your own bags, use cloth bags for fruits, veggies, and bulk items
Try not to take plastic forks, etc., unless you really need one
Stores food in glass containers, use ceramic plates, bowls, cups, etc.
Use refillable water bottles, single use water bottles are one of the biggest sources of plastic waste
Micro-plastics and water pollution
When we wash polyester and other synthetic cloth in the washer, micro plastics can break off and enter our water system
Wash  fleece and other synthetic clothes using a guppy bag (available from Patagonia) or get one from another company that sells similar bags that help prevent micro plastics from entering our water sources through your washing machine
Use biodegradable washing detergents that are free of scents and dyes
When possible buy more earth friendly clothes, organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo are just a few
And as always continue to REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE
Good luck with trying these out, your mother 🌎 will thank you!